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Eris is a fast growing company which has established itself as a leading player in the pharmaceutical market.

We have managed to build this organization by our focus, discipline, professionalism and unmatched efforts. We have built a winning team; a team that feels proud of being part of Eris and is forward looking towards the leadership position to play in future.

Our people philosophy is designed to hire right talent, coach and mentor, develop individuals into larger roles. Our leadership team consists of people who have rose through the ranks within the organization and succeded in various roles at Eris prior to their management role.

We challenge our people and mentor them on handling these challenges effectively through application of experience, market insight and relationship with colleagues, customers and vendors.

At Eris, you will realize your aspirations for challenges, success and career in pharmaceutical marketing faster than anywhere else in the industry.

Submit your interest to become part of this winning team.

Important Note: Do Not Submit CV multiple times in short duration as it doesn't help your candidature

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