Company Overview

Eris has outpaced the Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) growth with a CAGR of 28.9% in Chronic and 12.0% in Acute therapy segment.

Chronic category contributes to over 65.6% of our revenues as compared to 34.3% contribution to the IPM.

Eris is the fastest growing company in Chronic therapy amongst the top 25 companies.

We are the 3rd fastest growing company in Cardiovascular and Anti Diabetics therapeutic segments amongst the top 25 companies.

Source : IMS TSA (Compounded annual growth between Fiscal 2013 and 2017)

CAGR : Compounded annual growth rate between Fiscal 2013 and 2017

Our field force productivity of INR 4 Lac( YPM – Yield per Man per Month) is industry leading and we are amongst most productive companies in the Industry.

Our product portfolio is primarily focused on therapeutic areas which are treated by super specialist and specialist doctors such as Diabetologists, Endocrinologists Cardiologists, and Gastroenterologists. Super specialists  and specialists contribute to 96.1% of our total prescriptions as compared to 61.6% for the IPM. We have a prescriber base of 50,282 doctors for Fiscal 2017 as per IMS medical audit.

Super specialist and specialist doctor prescription contribution

Source IMS Medical Audit MAT March,2017

Eris has a portfolio of high growth prescription products. We derive majority of our prescriptions from molecules which are in growth phase of the product lifecycle.

Lifecycle of Pharmaceutical Molecules Eris Lifesciences IPM
Growth* 73.0% 30.7%
Mature* 25.1% 39.4%
Decline* 1.6% 28.7%

Source: SMSRC, based on data for MAT February 2017

Eris Prescription Rank

Doctor Specialty Rank FY 2017
Diabetologist/Endocrinologist* 3
Cardiologist 2
Cons. Physician 5
Gastroenterologist 4
Gynaecologist 18
Orthopedician 12

Source IMS Medical Audit FY 2017, Prescription rank within Eris represented market