Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility at Guwahati, Assam

Manufacturing facility focused on manufacture of capsules, tablets and sachets, with an installed capacity (on a single shift basis) of 999.99 million tablets, 83.02 million capsules and 18.00 million sachets per annum and spread over 76,617.51 sq. feet built up area.

Capacity Utilization at our Manufacturing Facility

Output in million units

Product Fiscal 2016 Fiscal 2017
  Output Utilization Output Utilization
Tablets 508.4 50.8% 760.5 76.1%
Capsules 41.4 49.9% 47.8 57.6%
Sachets 3.9 21.4% 3.5 19.6%

Installed capacity is calculated on basis of single shift. The manufacturing plant can operate up to a maximum of three shifts per day.