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Initiatives and advanced screening techniques to assist in better management of diabetes

Diabetes Companion

Diabetes Companion helps clinicians for better decision making through diagnostic support and enables patients in better understanding and management of diabetes. Eris works with clinicians throughout the patient journey. Eris executives, as Diabetes Companion, are well trained to conduct sessions at the clinic to assist clinicians for taking proper treatment decisions and saving their precious time.

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and annual PAD – Peripheral Arterial Disease screenings are important test for precise treatment decisions, but unavailability of the device and lack of expertise has led to underutilization of this technology. Our unique initiatives – CGM On Call and Vascular Screening have bridged this treatment gap and enabled thousands of patients with diabetes to receive continuous blood glucose monitoring with customized medication and diet plan.

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Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG)

Diabetes is rising at an alarming rate across age groups in most parts of the world. Since it is a progressive condition, it is important to monitor blood sugar levels through regular screening.

With Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG), Eris has empowered people with diabetes with the device and expertise enabling continuous blood glucose monitoring (SMBG) by using the device at home.

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Gluxit Assure Programme

About us:

Diabetes Management is of utmost importance and we at Eris have been successful torch bearers in this regard.

In this journey, we have been determined to empower every diabetic patient with the best therapy optimization and we are extremely delighted to introduce you to our initiative “Gluxit Assure Programme”.


About Gluxit Assure Programme:

The power of generic Dapagliflozin has been helping all diabetics achieve better glucose control & improved cardio-renal outcomes since a year and a half. It is now time to revolutionize the treatment of T2DM’s in India. It is time to launch a programme specially crafted for all diabetic patients, providing stronger assurance with Dapagliflozin treatment and addressing all barriers and limitations.

We are delighted to initiate our ‘Gluxit Assure Programme’ through you and empower you to be a part of this journey to fight Diabetes.


Aim of Gluxit Assure Programme:

Address Treatment Inequality – We see significant gaps and inconsistencies among treated diabetic patients who are able to benefit from Dapagliflozin treatment, thereby indicating multiple unaddressed challenges across the therapy line. Our aim is to provide Dapagliflozin treatment to every diabetes patient and reduce the extent of treatment inequality.

  • Deliverables of Gluxit Assure Programme:

    A powerpack package including:
    1. Free access to Dapagliflozin Treatment
    2. Free access Circa CGM
    3. Free access to HBA1C
    4. Clotrimazole cream as a precautionary step to urogenital infections if persists
  • Benefits of Gluxit Assure Programme:

    • Assurance of Diabetes Control
    • Addressing all issues and challenges

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Xsulin pillar of Empathy

There are 2.2 lac children living with Type 1 diabetes in our country. The cost of treatment along with the social stigma associated with the condition only makes the challenge stiffer.

Pillar of Empathy is another patient centric initiative by Eris, which provides free access to Insulin therapy and technology for type 1 diabetes patients under the supervision of the clinician to help the patient manage the disease burden effectively.

Eris undertakes various initiatives to create awareness of the advancements in diagnosis and treatments in the chronic and sub chronic therapy areas alongside the physicians for better health outcomes in our country.

Insulin treatment has improved intensely over the last 100 years since its discovery; however even today, there is still low awareness, knowledge, access and support for the treatment. Pillar of Empathy aims to bridge these gaps by enabling the health care providers to bring quality and affordable care to patients who they assess to be limited by social and financial barriers in their pursuit of health.

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