Eris introduces world’s most validated devices in India as Circa 120/80, these are globally available as Microlife BPMs. These devices are validated according to various global academic bodies for the purpose of accurate blood pressure measurement in all types of hypertensive patients with or without any other underlying conditions like diabetic, CKD, ESRD, pregnancy, elderly etc.

Not all BP devices selling in Indian market are validated, while CIRCA devices are comparable to calibrated mercury devices.

Along with accurate blood pressure measurement, CIRCA BPMs also screen patients for abnormal heart rhythms. CIRCA Exclusio and Premier devices offer patented MAM3 technology, that measures blood pressure for “3” times and displays the average blood pressure which is the most reliable method of BP measurement.

CIRCA Devices are clinically validated for medical conditions






Kidney disorder





Kidney disorder



Circa 98FX is world class IR thermometer which is clinically validated in Europe and USFDA approved and is trusted by clinicians over 100 countries owing to its accuracy. Unlike thermometer available in the market, CIRCA 98 FX, has Blue tracking light that ensures the distance from the patient and ensures accurate temperature is recorder every single time.

CIRCA 98 FX is equipped with silent glow technology that changes the display to red if temperature is above certain limits.

Circa Validio

Self-measurement of blood glucose plays an important role in diabetes management. As these measurements are performed at home (in absence of clinical support), thus reliability of the device becomes the critical aspect. CIRCA VALIDIO blood glucose monitoring systems are specially designed to make home blood sugar measurements accurate as well as patient friendly.

While most of the blood glucose monitoring system (BGMs) available in Indian market use screen printed carbon as electrodes, CIRCA VALIDIO blood glucose monitoring system operates with specially designed gold embedded cartridges that ensures near-lab results.

The cartridges offer unique advantages like

  • “3” patented technologies embedded
  • One year open vial expiry
  • Minimum chances of contamination (due to side insertion)
  • Ideal for elderly
  • Manufacturing follows “6-sigma” standards to ensure the accuracy and precision

When the accuracy of CIRCA VALIDIO BGMs was assessed in laboratory, VALIDIO outperformed the global standards (ISO 15197: 2013). CIRCA VALIDIO is manufactured by Bionime and is globally available as GM700s.

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