Today we are facing greater health challenges than ever before. The cost of healthcare has also been experiencing a constant rise. We at Eris believe that it’s every individual’s fundamental right to access healthcare to its fullest, and to be able to do this, Eris Lifesciences has launched a new Venture – Eris Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (EHPL).

Under this venture, we are launching 15+ categories which cover Acute, Chronic, Over the counter (“OTC”), i.e., non-prescription products, health parameters measurement devices, surgical /disposable medical products, etc. As part of the phase 1 launch, we will be introducing more than 100 different products by May-June 2020.

Eris is known for its patient centricity which helps in crafting innovative, widely accessible solutions. EHPL also follows the same philosophy. Even after being a new entrant in this cost-sensitive market, our packaging is uniquely and thoughtfully designed to be very consumer-friendly.