are what support the vision, shapes the culture and reflects what Eris believes.


Integrity is fundamental to our existence.What we claim is correct and clinically proven.There is consistency in our words and actions.

Integrity steers us through all of our professional initiatives and commercial endeavors. We will always do what is right to protect the long-term interest of each stakeholder – the patient who avails our products, the doctor who accepts our services, the investor who relies on our successes and the employee who works with us towards the fulfillment of his dreams.


We are tenacious, resourceful and relentless in our effort to deliver health. Each one of us has a definite ‘stick-to-it-ness’. We may come from diverse backgrounds and work in completely different aspects of the business, but in our singleminded determination to overcome challenges and finish what we start, we are one.

Because our actions are backed by purpose, we bring our best to the table each and every time whether it’s an opportunity or a challenge, a short term gain or a long term goal.

We care and we deliver. Consistently.

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We listen because we care. Listening is the key to learning and growth. It improves our chances of discovering the gaps within the healthcare industry and pharmacopeia.

Active Listening helps us discover, innovate, take feedback and to improve. It enables us to gain insights and create innovative solutions that are relevant and game-changing.

It facilitates better communications and ensures robust collaborations between teams internally and with key stakeholders such as doctors & investors.

We take constant feedback and use it constructively to make improvements in our products & services.

The practice of active learning develops us as change architects.


We believe that each person at Eris Lifesciences is an agent of change. Each one has the power and wherewithal to transform healthcare in India.

We respect each other’s ability to see possibility and understand scope.

We trust them to develop the correct course of action.

By encouraging autonomy in decision-making at every level in the organisation, we aim to unlock leadership capabilities in all our employees.

We take pride in the fact that every one of us, across departments and hierarchies, works together towards a single mission. Through an empowered workforce, we learn, we lead, we thrive.

Patient Centricity

Our very approach to healthcare is Patient Centric. It is the outcome of compassion – the ability to empathize and the will to take action. We work closely with doctors, patients and their care-givers to understand the nuance of illnesses, patient’s journey through the illness and the challenges of maintaining good health. The insights gained become the cornerstone on which we build our offerings.

We work to bring Precision and Clarity to diagnoses; and Relevance to treatment.
Through the deployment of precision diagnostic devices and by conducting large-scale health studies of the Indian population, we provide healthcare practitioners with a wealth of data. The clarity this information affords them allows for better diagnoses and more informed treatment decisions.

We do not just build brands, we build awareness. Whether it’s a molecule we are promoting or a lifestyle change that we are advocating, our efforts are equal. An informed customer is more confident, he feels empowered to choose the most relevant solution.

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