Patient care initiatives

Pioneering Studies

18.2% of the respondents were found to have masked hypertension and 23.7% of respondents were found to have white-coat hypertension and were misdiagnosed

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Cardiovascular Care

Maintaining a healthy heart is crucial for proper functioning of the body. People are often unaware that they have high blood pressure and it remains undiagnosed.

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Diabetic Care

Accuracy in blood pressure measurements is a prerequisite in the management of Hypertension. Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement on Call initiative aims at creating

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Pain Management

Pain is a complex, subjective and confusing phenomenon. Every person reacts differently to pain, depending on his or her awareness and capacity to bear it

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Gynaecological Care

They say your choices as a parent begin before your child is even born. Parenting challenges begin with you starting to make health choices on what is good for your child and what

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