Our Therapy Areas

Eris focuses on eight major therapy methods


Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

India has amongst the highest rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD) globally. As per WHO, cardiovascular diseases contribute to 26% of deaths in India. CVDs can be prevented by controlling one’s blood pressure, keeping cholesterol under control, eating healthy, regular exercise, maintaining proper weight, abstaining from smoking and other lifestyle changes. Medication for treating CVD includes drugs for lowering cholesterol, channel blocker, managing high blood pressure etc.
Eris remains devoted to providing better healthcare solutions via superior products and patient care initiatives to enable early detection. By advancing awareness and precise screening essential to curb risk factors for various CVDs, it also strives to provide comprehensive care in mitigating and curbing various risk factors. Through its cutting edge screening and monitoring initiatives, Eris is committed to promoting better clinical outcomes for various CVD risk factors.

Diabetes Care

Diabetes — the silent killer — is a growing burden on patients and their families, the healthcare system, national productivity and the economy. The disease is rising at an alarming rate across age groups and in most parts of the world. India is considered the diabetes capital of the world. While diabetes is a chronic illness, healthy lifestyle choices can prevent the onset of the disease and even help to control it. Following the doctor’s advice and taking the right medication along with proper diet and physical activity can help sufferers lead a normal life. Since diabetes is a progressive disease, it is important to monitor blood sugar levels through regular screening, ask the doctor about changes in medication, if necessary and treat any complications.
To help patients manage their diabetes, Eris offers products and services from diagnostics to monitoring to medication.


Neurological Care

Neurology is an important CNS therapy area in medicine. Our products help patients in treating convulsion, neurotic pain, brain function and memory.


Paediatrics deals with the medical care of infants and children. Care and nutrition of children is distinct from that of an adult, as their body requirements vary according to the stages of growth.


Gynaecological Care

Gynaecology deals with the health of the female reproductive system. Proper care and nourishment from the early stages of pregnancy is vital for the health of both mother and her unborn.
Our products help maintain the changing body requirements during pregnancy.


Eris is committed to provide 360 degree solutions for improving health outcomes. We truly understand the wisdom of Father of Medicine Hippocrates “Just as the food causes chronic diseases, it can also be the most powerful cure”.
We firmly believe that Nutrition can be the most powerful cure and can strongly impact health outcomes.
Eris has launched Nutriverse – A division dedicated to offer solution in the domain of Medical Nutrition Therapy. Nutriverse aims to address the current challenges in pharmacotherapy by the use of Medical Nutrition Therapy.
Our extensively researched, clinically validated product range offers immense benefits in diabetes & would become a powerful tool for all healthcare professionals treating diabetes.


Gastrointestinal Therapy

Prevalence of Gastrointestinal (GI) disease is very common in India. Thus, the GI market is the largest contributor in volumes and third largest in values to the total sales of Indian pharmaceutical market. Eris has a portfolio of differentiated products in GI therapy that offer superior efficacy and better treatment outcomes.

Pain Management

We at Eris focus on management of Osteoarthritis (OA), Trauma and Pain. OA is a common degenerative disorder of the joints and is a leading cause of disability worldwide. The symptoms include pain, morning stiffness, joint swelling, decreased physical function, restriction of social activities and/or compromised work capacity. Currently, there is no treatment that can reverse the damage to the joints. Therefore the goal of Osteoarthritis treatment is to reduce pain, improve physical function and overall quality of life. We, as mobility specialists stand committed in assisting doctors to restore mobility of their patients. Apart from offering world class therapeutic options, we also provide unique patient care initiatives which help in managing the effects and symptoms of Osteoarthritis.

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