Xsulin pillar of Empathy

There are 2.2 lac children living with Type 1 diabetes in our country. The cost of treatment along with the social stigma associated with the condition only makes the challenge stiffer.

Pillar of Empathy is another patient centric initiative by Eris, which provides free access to Insulin therapy and technology for type 1 diabetes patients under the supervision of the clinician to help the patient manage the disease burden effectively.

Eris undertakes various initiatives to create awareness of the advancements in diagnosis and treatments in the chronic and sub chronic therapy areas alongside the physicians for better health outcomes in our country.

Insulin treatment has improved intensely over the last 100 years since its discovery; however even today, there is still low awareness, knowledge, access and support for the treatment. Pillar of Empathy aims to bridge these gaps by enabling the health care providers to bring quality and affordable care to patients who they assess to be limited by social and financial barriers in their pursuit of health.

For further details please refer: https://pillarofempathy.com/

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